Our Machine Capabilities Include:


Our Machine Capabilities Include:

• Haas SL-20T, CNC Lathe Big Bore with Live Tooling, 30 HP, 10" chuck, 13" max. diameter, 24" max.length, 3" spindle bore, 2.5" bar capacity, programmable tail stock

• 2 - Haas SL-10's, CNC Lathe, 15 HP, 11" max. diameter, 13" max. length, 1.75" max. bar capacity, bar puller, parts catcher, programmable tail stock

• Haas VF-2SS, CNC Milling Machine, 30HP, with 30"x16"x20" table, 24 tool changer, high speed machining and high feed traverse.

• Leadwell V40, 30 HP CNC Milling Machine with 21" x 40”x 20" table, indexer and 2 vises.

• Clausing Colchester Lathe, 13"x 40", 5HP, 8" chuck and accessories.

• JET Manual Milling Machine, 2 HP with 9" x 42" table, 2 vises and 3 jaw 6 inch indexer. 

• MicroVu 500HP Optical Comparator 10-30X magnification.

• Kwik Mark KM-64 Marking System, CNC Pneumatic Marking Machine.  

Other Shop Support Equipment:

3-Horizontal/Vertical Band Saws 10" max, Disc/Belt Sander, Cut-off Saw, 10HP 120 Gallon Air Compressor, 3HP 60 Gallon Air Compressor, Grinders, Extensive Tooling, Micrometers, Calipers, Precision Pin and Block Sets, QC Instrumentation and Standards.

Additional Info:

Software we use in our business is AutoCad, CAM ware, Solidworks Reader, Excel and Word.

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